beachglassblonde adds Facebook page!

Hello! It’s been awhile….too long, really.  As many of you know with the addition of the beachglassblonde shop to my life, things have been a little nutty.  What?!  Yes, I know it’s always been a little crazy around here…but it’s been off the hook.

I feel like things have settled down a bit just in time for me to take off for sunny Arizona for Spring Break. I’m sooo looking forward to that first ray of sunshine on my face and a little break from the paintbrush! But first, I need to frantically clean this disaster of a house for the dog/house sitter. Pretty sad when your house has been neglected to the point it probably won’t even meet young bachelor cleanliness standards.  🙂

I also placed a big order of home accessories several weeks back and guess when it’s scheduled to be delivered? TODAY.  I’ve been anxiously waiting and waiting to get all of the great items I picked out  in my shop, only to have it arrive just in time to sit in my garage for another week!! Fingers crossed it arrives closer to 11am and I can get my hands on a few things and bring them to the shop before we head to the airport. I also need to squeeze in the Dr. Appt for my son’s cast change and throw in a few things in a suitcase for myself. Hmm…what time is it??  I better get back to cleaning.

But before I go!! After a little casual research, I’ve decided to add a Facebook page for my shop. It will focus on new arrivals, products, events, etc.  I still want to keep this blog, I really enjoy it and think it can still serve as a great place to share ideas and inspiration. It also serves as a better medium for the design side of my business.

So “LIKE” Beachglassblonde shop by K. Miller Interiors on Facebook and keep up with what is happening at the shop!

Have a wonderful EASTER!



Lil’ inspiration

The best part about having my own shop is I get to take advantage of all the fun little things I come across that inspire me. When I was strictly selling through my blog, I was pretty limited to furniture. But a couple of weeks ago I came across some adorable vintage alphabet cards and I had to get them. A little off my usual look…but why not? I must have decorated and redecorated my boys’ rooms three or four times over and now I get to have very little input (i.e. the huge Lebron poster) so I needed a little “kiddie” creativity.

So here are a few new ‘lil additions to the beachglassblonde shop!

First these cute vintage children’s chairs. I love metal furniture and these chairs are adorable.

kid corner

I replaced the worn out plastic covers with a funky chevron washable fabric and they are the coolest little things around.

 chevron kid chair
Here are those vintage alphabet cards in a reclaimed wood frame. Love them. I also came across a sweet doll cradle in need of a makeover and couldn’t resist.
doll cradle & alphabet frames

Here is another shot of the alphabet art…

alphabet card

Think I’m having a little fun?  🙂

beachglassblonde shop

This is a first Saturday post for me, but I think my blog time is going to consist of stolen moments here and there, so I’m going to take advantage of any free time I have. It’s a rare Saturday without basketball at our house, and it’s amazing what you can do in a full Saturday without your backside in the bleachers!

I’ve managed to squeeze in a little hunting and painting yesterday so I wanted to share some of the fun finds I added to my shop. First a cute little round side table I took some creative liberty with…    Continue reading

my attempt at a plan

Ever since I signed the lease on my new shop life has been crazy.  Every free moment has been dedicated to working on projects to add to my ever changing inventory. I haven’t worked “full time” outside our home for several years, and currently I think I’m on more volunteer boards, committees, etc than ever. That combination has taken its toll around here and I needed to get myself more organized.

So I made a list…

I prioritized current projects, added the usual “to do” list of things that needed to be done around here and made some final plans for my oldest son’s 13th birthday tomorrow.

It was a great plan…I felt better. It always helps my anxiety level when I can organize my efforts and plan for progress.

Then on my way home from my PTO board meeting last night I got a call from the “Mister”…also known as our 5th grade basketball coach. He was on his way to the emergency room with our youngest son and his later confirmed to be a broken right arm.

So much for my great plan.  Continue reading

removing wood veneer

As promised here is a tutorial on how I removed the veneer from a vintage waterfall dresser.  Roll up your sleeves people…this takes some work, but definitely worth it in the end.

Here is a reminder of the dresser before. The existing veneer had some chips missing in areas, but particularly on the front of the drawers. (which I curiously picked at and made worse)  The other places were small enough to repair with wood filler.

Dresser before

Continue reading

two new pieces for the shop

I’ve been busy working to fill the big holes in my shop from the things that sold over the opening weekend. I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel right now, but it’s the good kind of busy…it still doesn’t feel like work anyway! But my hands hurt! All that painting, sanding and waxing does some damage.

I’m really excited about the two pieces I just finished. I brought them over to the shop this afternoon and had all kinds of fun rearranging the whole place all over again! Wow, I have lots to do…big plans, big plans.  🙂

So here are the two new additions: Continue reading

opening weekend

Well I have some good news and some bad news…

Good news is…I sold over half of my inventory the first weekend the shop was open! Actually, I think that qualifies as GREAT news!  Bad news is…after four crazy caffeine-fueled days of working to have enough inventory ready for the grand opening, it’s nearly empty again!

That is the problem with not having enough time to stock my shop before it opened. I think I’m going to be playing catch-up for quite awhile. I’m actively looking for new retail lines to carry as well, so that will help supplement my hand-painted pieces and vintage finds.

I finished two more pieces today to add to the shop, so I will be bringing those over tomorrow. I really like the way they turned out…so I’ll be sure to take a photo to post before  I load them in the car. Stay tuned!