meet Edward

Well here he is…Edward.

He is one big awesome empire dresser. Love him. I decided to paint the majority of the dresser in Old White with a dark wax. The drawers I painted in Coco by Annie Sloan to better highlight those beautiful glass knobs.

Here is a reminder of Edward before…his original finish was in pretty bad condition, but it’s easy to see he made quite the statement in his day.

Empire Dresser before

and After… Continue reading

empire state of mind

I have been a little MIA from writing lately (sorry about that)…just a very busy time of year. The end of the school year always makes me a little nutty with all of the extra activities scheduled.  Field Day, Fun Run, 5th Grade Olympics, Marketplace, 5th Grade Celebration, Band Trip, not to mention the ELEVEN basketball games we had over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Excuses, excuses…it was time to pick up the paintbrush today.

Fortunately, I have some great pieces just waiting for me to work on in my shop. My favorite being this AMAZING empire dresser!

Empire Dresser before

It is one solid piece of furniture…and those glass knobs (love).  My original plan was to keep some of the original wood as an accent, but unfortunately it just wasn’t in good enough condition to leave unpainted. So instead it is going to get a touch of some chalk paint magic! I’m thinking of doing it two colors to show off its beautiful curves. Hmm…

So stay tuned…I will be working away to finish this dresser and will post pictures tomorrow!

what’s in a name?

If you follow my blog, you may have met Liza, Frenchie, Sophia, Florence, or most recently Fergie. I’m often asked if I name all of the furniture I work on, and if so, how do I decide on a name.  Well, the answer is yes, I do name all of my furniture.  Sounds a little crazy, I know.

The main reason is simply organization. It’s easier to store and file photos and sale transactions by a name, rather than some lengthy description. And let’s be honest, we all know there has been more than one grey dresser in my life. How I come up with the name? Well, this is where I might need to admit to a little crazy. Or just blame it on the paint fumes… Continue reading

meet Fergie

Remember this broken down buffet?

Fergie before

This girl needed some work…she had obviously experienced some good times in her day. But all of those years of entertaining had “Fergie” looking a little rough. She had a leg that needed some repair and many areas of the veneer were chipped or loose. Here are some photos of her repair work.

Some parts of the veneer just needed to be re-glued. A little wood glue and some clamps does the trick, but I also found a great use for those granite samples I still had from our remodel. Those little pieces are heavy!

Fergie Clamps

The veneer on one of the drawers was so damaged I could just peel it off.  Since I was planning on painting the whole buffet, it made more sense to remove that part of the veneer and just sand it down for painting rather than using wood glue.  Here is a shot of that process…

Fergie drawer before

Here is she all finished and on her way to the shop!

Fergie After

Fergie -inside

The English style of this buffet has so many details I wanted to keep the paint simple. I used Franciscan Grey by Maison Blanche chalk paint company and the interior is painted in Aubusson Blue by Annie Sloan.  Lightly distressed and finished with a clear wax and a little dark wax for added depth.

Here is shot of Fergie holding her own down at the Beachglassblonde shop in Home Inspirations. I think she looks ready to host another party!

Fergie Shop

bionic buffet

“we can rebuild her”

Anyone else a Jamie Summers fan? I know I pretended to be the Bionic Woman more than once as a kid…that is when I wasn’t too busy as one of Charlie’s Angels. (better hair)

Well, just like poor Jamie Summers, this antique english style buffet was pretty broken when she arrived in my garage…but she has some beautiful potential and I think she is worth the work I’ll be putting into finishing her today. I’ve already done most of the repair work, so hopefully when I remove the final clamps today she will be ready to paint.

Here is a sneak peek – hopefully I’ll be posting the finished product tomorrow!

Fergie before