my happy place

I’ve been doing a lot of custom work this summer, which has been awesome. My business is growing, and it’s beyond exciting for me. However, I have learned that along with all of the custom work, it is important for me to just paint. Paint for the pure joy of it…not for a particular end project in mind, or busting my tail to get something finished to fill a hole in my shop.

So today after completing a particular challenging custom project and finishing writing my last blog post…I needed to find my happy place and just zone out to some great music and let the creativity flow. I had a recent thrift store find I was anxious to work on and thought it was the perfect piece to add to my shop before the weekend.

Here is the poor thing before…     Continue reading

painting furniture black…and the challenges that go with it!

I’ve painted several pieces of furniture black. A couple were my own, a few custom pieces for clients…and every once in awhile I get the crazy idea to paint something black just because.

Why? Because a well painted piece of black furniture is stunning.

But boy…is it ever challenging.

I’ve used latex, oil based and chalk paint in black, and they all have their benefits and their shortcomings. When it comes to distressing and getting the look I really like…there is no competing with chalk paint. I love the look of warm wood coming through black paint and chalk paint does that beautifully. But there are two challenges in my opinion with black chalk paint. First, it’s not THAT BLACK. It really is more of a chalkboard black. I do think Wrought Iron by Maison Blanche is the deepest black compared to others on the market, so I use it over the others.

Second challenge? WAX. Continue reading

going “green”

While I was writing my blog post yesterday morning the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy with two boxes. The first  box I decided by the size and shape was the luggage rack cross bars my husband ordered for our car, but the another small box was addressed to me and its contents were a complete mystery.

What did I order online? Hmmm…nothing I could remember but since we had just returned home from vacation I was honestly struggling to remember much of anything regarding the land of reality. So I did what every 8 year old child would do… I tried to rip into it with the front door still wide open.

No good. Too much tape. Like LOTS of tape. What the heck?!

So after carving and cutting my way through the box…here is what I found.  Continue reading

island time

I’m back from our amazing vacation in Maui. Such a great trip…it’s always hard to adjust to reality after all that fun and relaxation.  There is something about that island vibe that is good for this slightly obsessive soul of mine. Spending time together as a family without the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules always helps put things in better perspective. It’s kinda silly some of the things we all waste our time stressing about, isn’t it?  Ok, sure…I understand that life brings real problems and certainly they all can’t be solved with your feet in the sand and an ice cold Longboard Lager in hand…but it can sure help forget them for awhile!


But back to reality.

It was a pretty quiet while I was gone at the shop, which I had mixed feelings about. Of course, it’s exciting to have great sales…but I know its been beautiful weather around here and people in the Pacific Northwest know better than to waste any sunshine indoors. And honestly, I was so busy leading right up to our vacation I didn’t have much finished to restock my store if I had needed to. I may not be able to stick with  “island time”…but at least it doesn’t seem to require a quick flight back to the land of crazy.

I did sell “Edward” the beautiful empire dresser yesterday.  I have to admit…it made me a little sad. I love that dresser! I think it may be one of my all-time favorites.

Here is a reminder of what Edward looked like…

Edward full shot

<sigh>  Well back to work…I’m having a challenge with a custom piece right now, so it is time to focus my efforts on getting that project looking good! I’ll post pics when I’m finished.


custom buffet transformation

Wow…I’ve been really bad about writing on my blog. Not good.  It just seems like when things get busy, it’s the first thing to go. Well that and laundry…but it’s summer, so who needs clean socks?

We are heading out for a family vacation, but I wanted to at least get some photos out of the latest custom job I finished. I’ve been working so hard to keep up with my shop, doing custom work has been difficult to squeeze in…but I’m really happy with the way this one turned out. I have another custom job that still needs my attention…but after a little R&R with the family this week, I will be ready to tackle that challenge when I get back!

I was really excited to get started on this particular custom project because I just know it is going to have such an amazing impact on this client’s dining room. This buffet is lucky enough to be a part of a 100 year old Seattle home and it’s new color will be the perfect complement to all of the beautiful wood floors, windows and other original wood details throughout this home.

Here is a photo of the buffet before:


A great piece, and the size and style worked well…but was lost a bit with all of the rest of the similar colored wood in the room.

After a color consultation, we decided on Duck Egg by Annie Sloan. Distressed to highlight the great details and finished with a layer of clear wax and dark wax, both by Miss Mustard Seed.

Here it is ready to go!


And a close up of the detail work…


This piece will get one final touch with some new knobs, but we will wait until it gets back to its home before making that decision.