Crazy…party of One? Crazy??

It’s official. I’ve hit crazy. Between trying to get the shop physically ready (paint, light fixtures, new floor) procure display fixtures, cash wrap and point of sale and make about 1000 decisions on product inventory…I’m certifiable.

Yep, that means people I can no longer be held accountable for my actions. The rambling on to myself…please just ignore it. The dark circles under my eyes from searching the internet at 3am…pretend you don’t see them.  When you see me in the grocery store just staring at the bananas…don’t interrupt me, I just had another “amazing idea” and I’ll most likely forget it when I move on to the grapes.

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just do it.

We are a big sports family, so the famous tagline from Nike gets thrown around quite a bit in our house. It seems to work well in almost any situation, and I catch myself using it with my boys all the time. Make your bed? Homework? Walk the dog? … just do it.  I think it has become my rendition of the “because I told you so” parenting line my generation grew up hearing so often.

So when the opportunity to open my own shop and studio in Mukilteo became a real possibility, I had a big decision to make. Will anyone come? Do I have the time it takes to be successful? Will I love it as much as I think I will? How will my family adjust to me working all the time? Can I do this??? So many questions…so little answers.

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new to the shop!

Just finished and delivered! At BEACHGLASS located in Home Inspirations on the corner of Hoyt and Hewitt Avenue in Everett.

Possibilities are endless! Great storage for media, a craft room, play room or mudroom… or use it in a home office as a credenza.

High quality and hand painted – Only $265Riley

Riley close up

Also a darling two color layer distressed vintage jewelry armoire in pink and white.


jewelry armoire

this shop, that shop and my shop

We are having an amazing summer…this weather has been awesome! I am loving all of the sunshine, but that rainy day this past week was just what I needed to get some work done.

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