meet “Belle”

I’ve been in the market for a well-used truck for awhile.  I needed a shop truck – something inexpensive to haul furniture and all of the other great “finds” I come across for BEACHGLASS. My car just isn’t big enough –  and when the Mister bought a new SUV this summer, I could tell right away his hauling days were over. He gives me a crazy look when I ask to go through the Starbucks drive through in his fancy new ride, so I knew my next rusty, dusty piece of potential was NEVER going to fly.

So I put the word out that I was looking for an old truck. You know, “grandpa’s truck” – far from new, but well loved and driven little.

Well about two weeks ago we found her. My dad spotted an old Chevy for sale in the neighbor’s yard out at the lake. A sweet little blue and white “cream puff” as he described it,  that had belonged to his parents.

Hmmm…didn’t sound like the tough chick vintage truck I imaged. You know, the kind of cool truck that has that look like it has stories to tell?  But with the price tag under $3,000.00 – it was more important that it didn’t provide the kind of stories that started with me on the side of road.

I live about 80 miles away from my parents, so getting a chance away from the shop to take a look at this little beauty was out of the question. But with the thumbs up from my dad…actually I think his exact words were “I’m not sure you should buy it, you will probably just ruin it” – I decided to write the check sight unseen.

Last night was the big night I finally had the chance to pick her up  – bench seat, manual roll up/down windows, cassette tape player and all. She’s hardly the “truck” I envisioned – those squatty tires and canopy certainly aren’t going to score me any points with my boys. But she cruised home at 75mph like she was just given a second chance at life.

When I took a look at the title, I knew right away her name needed to be “Belle” after the previous owner,  Muriel Belle.

I think BEACHGLASS Belle and I will have plenty of good stories of our own.  🙂



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