missing in action…

I know, I know…I haven’t written in ages. There are a lot of reasons really, but most of them you’ve heard before. Busy with the shop, slammed with paint projects, running my boys around, blah blah blah…

That’s all true…but not entirely. I love writing this blog, It never feels like work and trust me, I would squeeze in a few minutes at midnight to type away on my laptop if I felt inspired. But this blog has definitely been put on the back burner, neglected…flat out kicked to the curb.

Why? I can’t keep it a secret any longer… there is a fancy new one in the works! YIPPEE! I have been working with the amazing Reni from BLISS AND TELL BRANDING COMPANY on my new website and blog that will be launching soon! Reni also did the branding for the shop and I just love her style and vision. She has been incredibly patient with me through the design process. What started out as a fairly simple blog design…turned into a complete website for my new shop with requirements that seem to change and evolve with each week I was open. But with a couple of months into this crazy ride,  things are starting to find a rhythm and what we need to incorporate into the website is starting to take shape and make sense.

So as much as this first blog I hodge-podged together on my own has been an incredible experience, I have to admit I can’t wait to get to work on a professionally designed site. There have been many – MANY – times I’ve hit technical challenges and frustrations that nearly had my laptop flying through the nearest window.

So stay tuned. Hang in there with me as I drop off again for awhile…it will be worth it when it’s done!

You can also follow the shop on Facebook! www.facebook.com/beachglassbykmillerinteriors


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