Paint Workshop!

VMD Collage

 Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint Workshop!

We are offering one day of classes before the holidays!
Learn the great transformation of chalk-based paint, distress, wax and accent using Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint.
Thursday, December 5th at 10am and again at 6:30pm.Class is $85 per person, approximately 2 – 2.5 hours long and includes the following:
  • Wood Storage Crate (to paint, distress, wax and take home!)
  • All paints and waxes needed for class provided.
  • Paint Brush
  • Small group instruction on how to layer paint, distress, wax and accent with the new Grunge It! product.
Light snacks and beverages will be provided.Special 10% class discount on all paint and paint supplies purchased on the day of class.Please call the shop to reserve your spot. Only 6 people per class – so space is limited!
# 425.374.2694  (payment required to reserve)Can’t make this date? Don’t worry, BEACHGLASS will be starting  off the new year with more classes to help get a jump start on those 2014 projects!

Want to get your 6 of your “besties”  together for your own class? Contact the shop at 425.374.2694 to discuss details!

my favorite plant

If you have followed my blog for awhile you most likely know that I’m not much of a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants. I do okay outside, but I have a tendency to torture any plant I try to keep indoors. I completely admit to the fact it’s my fault…I stuff them places where I think they look good from a design perspective – completely ignoring their “care” instructions. You may recall the unfortunate Christmas poinsettia from last year.

Needs lots of sunlight? But I really like the way it brightens up this dark corner.

Water regularly? That’s a little tough when it’s placed 9 feet off the floor on top of that empty shelf that needed something green.

Then I discovered air plants.

When I first saw them in a shop I thought they were fake. They were just sitting here and there, tucked and stuffed….just the way I like them. But where was the dirt? How do they live? I had to buy some.

And then I bought some more.

I have airplants scattered throughout our house. In a centerpiece on our dining room table, tucked in with some starfish on a coffee table, on the counter in the powder room, and nestled with some seaglass bottles in our master bath. I spray these little guys with water about every two weeks (don’t completely hold me to that timeline…) and that is it!! It’s been about a year and I promise I haven’t killed one yet!

Air plants or “Tillandsia” come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  They don’t require dirt so the display options are almost endless. They are such a fun and inexpensive way to add some color and texture to your space and I knew I needed to have them for the shop.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve opened and I already had to order another 32 plants! Well they have arrived and are beautiful. Here are  some fun ways we have them displayed at BEACHGLASS.

airplant and pumpkins

airplants coastal

terrarium wred

first day


Today was my first official day open at BEACHGLASS! I had an amazing Launch Party on Wednesday night to celebrate my new venture with friends and family, but today it was official.

It was a perfect day. I opened the doors at 9am to a fun couple visiting Mukilteo from Austin, TX and my last sale was to a another group visiting from Florida. Who knew Mukilteo in October was the tourist hot spot? 🙂 I assured all of them that there really were mountains out there behind the fog….geesh, we have to be the only place where people shout “look! the mountains are out!!”

I had a steady flow of locals all day and some great friends popped in… it really was so much fun! It felt good to have all of the “grunt work” of getting the shop ready to open behind me and just enjoy helping customers throughout the day. I was even able to squeeze in a little time to post some pictures on my Facebook page and place some much needed orders to replenish what flew out the door on Wednesday night.

Today was just what I hoped for…this is one happy girl.A board

Meet “Rucker”, the round table

As I started filling in the shop it was obvious I needed a round display table for the center of the space. I have this amazing industrial cart in my garage that is just begging for a cool round reclaimed top, but I just don’t have the time right now to track it down. It would be crazy cool…but it will have to wait patiently for the proper makeover.

But when I was down at Home Inspirations to start to pack up to move my space, I was chatting with another vendor friend that I needed a round table. A customer overheard and offered to sell me hers. “It’s solid, round …but it’s oak and really needs to be painted” was how she described it. Hmmm…I may just be able to do that!

We arranged the deal and on moving day swung by her place on Rucker Ave and picked it up. It was the perfect size, but she was right…it was that yellow colored OAK – that was just screaming for a makeover.

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the past year

When I turned on my laptop (too) early this morning, I went straight to my blog. I’ve been seriously neglecting it lately and wanted to check in and write a quick update post on the progress of my new shop.  But to my surprise, instead of my homepage a renewal notice popped up.

Yep, it’s been a year.

Wow. My first reaction was definitely negative…seriously? MORE money? The past few weeks money has been flying out the door with all of the expenses of building out my new space, buying fixtures and displays, and all of the amazing inventory…so getting another “bill” wasn’t exactly something I was ready to celebrate.

But then it hit me…           Continue reading