services & contact info

Questions? Email me at

Custom Furniture Painting: 

Have a tired piece of furniture that needs an update? Or maybe it’s a cherished piece that has been in the family for years, but could use a fresh look. Custom paint refinishing is a great way to transform what you already own and stretch your redecorating budget. I love giving new life to the outdated, abused or just plain ugly! Send me an email with a picture of your project and we can discuss color, finish ideas and estimate a price based on the amount of materials and labor involved.

Decorating Services:

Interior design doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating! I’m a decorating junkie and have a passion for helping others create a space they truly love within a budget they can live with.  My services can help with something as simple as a paint color consultation or a complete makeover with new finishes, furniture and accessories. Don’t know where to start? Send me an email with your questions and we can discuss a plan that best fits your needs.

Initial 2-hour in-person consultation = $125

Initial 2 hour in-person consultation + design board and plan = $250

Project hourly rate: $45

Just need a few things to refresh your home? Come on in to the shop with any photos, magazine clippings and/or your ideas and we would love to help you put together the perfect pieces to create the look you will love!

Contact me at or 425.374.2694


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